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In the beginning when you have decided to move towards a healthier lifestyle it can feel like a massive change. Your old habits have to be dropped for new healthier ones. New shelves have to be explored in the grocery store and different ways to cook and bake have to be discovered. Perhaps a look around where you live for organic locally raised meat and eggs that are produced in the best possible way. Once you have found your new go-to items and dishes, everything will be back to normal and your health will thank you for the change.

No hurry

Your journey to a healthier lifestyle will not be complete tomorrow. See the work you’re doing on your health as a lifelong process and notice how your experience of the body changes over time.

Start with becoming aware of how your body feels when you eat different things. Your body will tell you what it wants and what it doesn’t want. It is not as complicated as it may seem to eat healthy. If you listen to your body and follow the general recommendations that we give here on our website, you will have come a long way.


Experiencing flavors

At first it may feel like something is missing when you make desserts without sugar or have dinner without fries or pasta. But rest assured, your experience of flavors will change very quickly when you reset your diet, and soon you will not even notice or remember how it used to taste.


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Here we have gathered information about the most important lifestyle changes to make if you want to optimize your health.

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