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The body is programmed to move towards optimum health. Our goal when you book an appointment with us is to identify what is blocking this natural process and find ways to remove the hindrance. It is not our treatment that causes healing, it is your body moving towards its natural state when we identify and eliminate blockages. Optimal health is simply the bodys natural state. We do an extensive evaluation of your state of health where we look at you medical history, diagnoses, medicines, symptoms and life situation.

health problems

We work with

Gut & digestion

Skin conditions

Recurrent infections

Hormonal issues

Sports injuries

Personal trainer

Tick related infections

Fatigue & exhaustion

Joint & muscle pain

Headache & migraine

Chronic pain conditions

Weight problems

Occupational injuries

... and more


60 minutes - the big skype consultation - 995 SEK

We offer online consultations on Skype. We will base our consultation on a questionnaire that you fill out before our meeting in combination with information that arise during our consultation. We look at lifestyle changes such as diet and nutrition, sleep and circadian rhythm, EMF exposure, and recommend herbal products and homeopathic remedies if needed. We look at things like recurrent infections, gut and digestion problems, fatigue and exhaustion, internally caused pain conditions, headaches and migraines, weight problems, exercise advice etc. Follow-up appointment is usually 45 minutes.

45 minutes - the medium skype consultation - 745 SEK

This is an option for those who have had a live consultation with us earlier or who have had their first online consultation on Skype. This consultation is also suitable for things like diet consultation, training advice and general lifestyle coaching.

30 minutes - the small consultation - 495 SEK

If you live far away from us and are considering whether a visit is appropriate, you can book this consultation. Also suitable if something happens between our consultations that need to be addressed.


90 minutes - the big consultation - 1495 SEK

This is an option for those who have a complicated medical history with multiple diagnoses and multiple medications. We need the time to understand your situation and to make sure that we do not interfere with any medical treatments. Here we have plenty of time to do a proper review of your situation and your goals. Follow-up appointment is usually 45 minutes.

60 minutes - the medium consultation - 995 SEK

If you have internal medical problems. Gut and digestion, fatigue, skin rash, joint and muscle pain, chronic and recurrent infections, headaches and migraines, hormonal problems etc.

45 minutes - the small consultation - 745 SEK

Book this consultation if you have simpler problems such as pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, occupational injuries, sports injuries etc. Also suitable for diet and excercise consultations. This is usually the best option for follow up.

“We act as your guide and support in the process towards a healthier, richer, more vibrant life on all levels”

about our


Below you can read more about some of the treatments that we offer.

better health


We have a comprehensive guide with our general dietary recommendations under the tab “lifestyle” on the website. Many people get rid of their problems just by following these advice. If you are still having problems, we may need to find a special solution for you. We have extensive experience in the field and see diet as one of the most primary steps in the journey towards better health.



Sometimes it is not enough to just improve your diet but you need supplements to get in balance again, especially if you live with chronic issues. Our goal is always to have you on as little supplements as possible. It is best to get as much of the nutrition as you can from food and be specific in the use of supplements.

Simila similibus curentur


This is a very safe form of treatment because you do not add a substance to the body but rather the memory of it. Homeopathy works after the principal like cures like “Simila similibus curentur” which means that a substance that would cause similar symptoms that you have can be used as a homeopathic solution to trigger healing.


Herbal medicine

We have taken part in herbal traditions from different parts of the world and have looked at much of the modern science on the subject. It is a great complement to the lifestyle changes that should always be at the core of every program.


Laser & Near infrared light

We also use treatments with lasers on small surfaces and LED panels with near infrared light on larger surfaces to accelerate healing. The light penetrates deep into the body and helps to reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation and increase energy production in the cells.

muscle & joints


We work with muscles and joints in different ways to improve mobility and function and we prescribe strengthening and stabilizing exercises if necessary.

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